Supreme Klean

Welcome to Supreme Klean™, the manufacturer of many highly successful and proven detox products used throughout the world. If you're reading this then you are likely facing a serious problem in your life. You are required to take a drug test but because of something you've done in your past you don't expect to pass.

At this point you are probably asking yourself several questions like: Will these products really help me pass a drug test? If so, which product should I buy? Why are there so many different types of products?

Supreme Klean Detox Products

We are here to provide you with all the answers you seek and if you still have questions feel free to contact us. Supreme Klean has been in business since 1998 and we have first hand experience dealing with customers that purchased their products from head shops or a website with no customer support. Unfortunately, many people who buy products without knowing what they're buying and the type of drug test being administered are likely to fail their test.

These unfortunate people find themselves purchasing products that are simply not up to date with the latest technologies found in todays drug testing market. They are relying on old methods that simply no longer work. Whether it is creatine masks or some other type of capsule that is not personalized to your body-type, these are simply old and no longer valid methods for passing any drug test. Labs now check the PH creatine and specific gravity levels, however this has not stopped head-shops and vitamin stores from selling products that will not pass these tests.

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know these things unless you had an opportunity to speak to a real professional in the industry and that is where we come in with our constantly evolving product line and drug testing experts. This is a feature you’ll likely not find with our competitors and therefore they will not stand behind their product like we are ready to do.

Our product line consists of very few product for each type of drug test. We created our own specially made detox product line and crafted the best products for each drug test and even factor in the customers height and weight so we are certain that you will pass your drug test.