Drug Testing Information

There are many different levels when it comes to completely understanding a drug test. What are the various kinds of drug tests? How long do toxins remain in your system? What are the best ways to pass a drug test?

All of this information is essential when it comes to drug testing. This is twice as true for those people who need to pass any drug test.

What Do Drug Tests Commonly Test For?

Something that all drug tests have in common is that they are meant to detect the use and abuse of toxins. This is if they are legitimately prescribed or if they are being illicitly used by someone. Since this is their primary purpose, there are some basic standards across most types of drug tests.

The largest portion of drug tests, which are the SAMHSA-5 standard, focuses on five main toxins: cannabinoids, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, and opiates. However, the specific substances tested for can vary by location, type of test used, and where the sample is sent off for testing. The way that labs breakdown a drug test sample can usually detect specific substances that are chemically related to the standard five.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of other substances that can be tested for, these include: benzodiazepines, barbiturates, certain hallucinogens, alcohol, nicotine, and countless other toxins. If you ingest any chemical, it is safer to assume that it will show up on a drug test than risking any of the negative consequences associated with a positive test.

The Various Kinds Of Drug Tests

Just as the substances that individuals take run a various gambit, so do the means in which to test for them. Since the introduction of drug testing it has taken on many different shapes and forms. Most of the time, the kind of test will vary and be based on the circumstances at the time. The most common form of drug testing is a urine drug test. However, there are also blood, saliva, and hair follicle tests that can be performed, depending on which best fits the situation.

  • Urine drug testing: The most common procedure for drug testing as its cost-efficient, highly accurate, and results can be delivered instantaneously. For more information we recommend checking our Urine Drug Testing information page.
  • Hair drug testing: Hair follicle drug testing has risen in popularity over the years; while it can be expensive for whomever is requesting the drug test it does provide a highly accurate and extensive drug history on the person taking the test. While there are ways to beat a hair drug test, we recommend you waste little time and start preparing today to ensure you can pass. Please head over to our hair drug testing page for more information. We highly recommend any customers who need to take a hair drug test to use the Macujo Method to dramatically increase the likelihood of completely eradicating any drugs from your hair.