7 Home Remedies to Clean Your Hair Follicles

Although recreational marijuana use is legal in 10 states as of April 2019, it’s still on the list of banned substances for many companies. In some cases, a positive drug test can result in termination or suspension of employment. Most companies use urine to test for marijuana use. A urine test can detect marijuana up to 30 days after use. […]

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test Without Shaving Your Head

No one likes taking a drug test. Even sober people sometimes get nervous before one, that’s how unpleasant they are. And there are levels of unpleasantness, depending on the type of drug test you’re getting. For example, most people would rather pee in a cup than get their blood drawn. And compared to that, a […]

Don’t Get Caught Off Guard: Everything You Need to Know About Drug Tests

Being clean for a few weeks won’t save you from a hair drug test. Every half-inch of hair is worth at least 30-days of drug history. Hair also happens to be a permanent record, unless there’s intervention. If you’ve grown your hair for five years, hair drug tests will accurately determine your drug history for […]