How to pass a hair follicle drug test – 2023 Breakthrough Guide

how to pass a hair drug test

While drugs can be hard to get out of your hair, there are several products available to help you pass drug test times. Hair follicle tests can be required for employment or for legal situations and are one of the most accurate types of drug test. These are also now the most common drug test used. Hair tests for drugs can detect the presence of drugs from up to 90 days after you used them.


In a hair follicle drug test, a technician will cut 1.5 inch strands of your hair close to your scalp and they will then get soaked in a chemical solution. This process removes anything on your hair that may be masking drugs, as well as opening the hair follicle to expose the inside layers. Drugs get into your hair by way of your bloodstream and then get buried into the inner layers of the hair strands.


Macujo aloe rid

Macujo Aloe Rid shampoo is your best chance at passing a hair follicle test while also being an affordable option. This potent shampoo is the best way to completely get rid of drugs from hair. It works to clean both the outside and inside layers of the hair and is made with a proven powerful formula that is over 99% effective.

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This hair detox shampoo is guaranteed to work for all drug users with any kind of drug use, even those who use very heavily. Because this detox hair shampoo is so strong, it works great as a standalone product. One other reason this shampoo is the best on the market, is because it is a more cost-effective option because you get a 6 ounce bottle that you can use for up to 15 washes using Macujo Method.


Nexxus aloe rid

Another strong detox shampoo is nexxus aloe rid, in the original formula. A quality product, this shampoo is a bit more expensive than Macujo Aloe rid. The bottle is a smaller size, so you get less for your money. This product, while it is made with propylene glycol like macujo aloe rid, contains less of it than the Macujo shampoo. You can also clean your hair with the Original Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo using the macujo method.


Zydot ultra clean

With zydot ultra clean, you can get your hair clean and conditioned. This shampoo is made with aloe vera to help repair dry or damaged hair. One main difference between the Zydot shampoo and the Nexxus and Macujo Aloe rid is that the Zydot is most effective for light to medium users. It isn’t strong enough by itself to completely remove drugs from hair for people who use heavily. Cleaning your hair with Ultra Clean shampoo will keep your hair clean for up to 24 hours, so this is not a permanent fix to get rid of toxins in your hair.

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Methods that don’t work to clean hair for a hair drug test

Not all methods and products will help you be successful at passing an upcoming drug test on hair. A number of factors can impact this like, the products being fake or poorly made or the detox methods not being strong enough to actually get rid of the drug toxins in your hair. Here are a few of the common things people have tried that haven’t worked to get their hair clean from drugs.


  • Bleaching

Although this is a popular at-home treatment some users try, bleaching the hair is only minimally effective at removing drug toxins from hair follicles. Bleach is a harsh chemical that can cause severe damage to the hair, yet only removes about 40% of the level of drugs present in the hair. Bleaching hair is not an effective way to help you pass a hair follicle drug test.


  • Natural detoxification

While naturally detoxing the body can be a good thing to do in general, the amount of time it takes to naturally detox your body of drugs can be up to six months. You basically won’t ever have this much time before an upcoming hair follicle drug test, so trying to just naturally detox isn’t an efficient way to pass the test. Natural detox methods can include drinking excessive amounts of water, activities that make you sweat, or just stopping drug use.


  • Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid

This shampoo, while it was designed to remove drugs, falls short because it doesn’t get hair clean enough to pass a hair follicle test even after many washes. The results users have had with this shampoo have been poor and many have failed drug tests because the old style Aloe Rid simply is not an effective product.


  • Jerry G Method

This hair detox method is very minimally effective for drug users other than those who use marijuana in very small doses. It is a well-known method, but it has proven ineffective for a large portion of drug users because it is not a strong method. The success rate of Jerry G is much lower than the success rate macujo method since it only helps a small number of users pass hair drug tests.


Mike’s Macujo Method – Proven results, guaranteed


With mikes Macujo method, you are guaranteed to get the results of totally clean hair to pass drug test times. The guarantee of mikes Macujo method is that if you follow the directions for the method directly and the recommendations given, you are guaranteed to pass. If the products don’t work with you using this method, there is a money-back guarantee as well.


The Macujo method has helped thousands of drug users pass hair drug tests despite the type and amount of drugs they used. With mikes macujo customer service, you can get all your questions answered to achieve your result of totally clean hair to beat hair drug test situations.





  • Works for all hair types and styles, drugs, and drug use amounts!
  • The customer service is really helpful and can answere all questions about how to use the products with the Macujo Method.
  • Macujo Aloe Rid has over a 99% success rate for all users.




How long can hair follicle tests detect drugs?


Drugs can be detected up to three months from use. Since hair grows an average of a half inch per month, the 1.5 inch hair sample taken during a hair test can show the presence of drugs from up to 90 days since use.


Can body hair get tested in hair tests?


Yes, body hair is fair game when it comes to a hair drug test. This is something that can be problematic for users though. If you don’t have enough hair on your head for the required sample length of 1.5 inches, the hair anywhere on your body can be tested. Drug use from over 90 days might be able to be detected in body hair if you don’t ever shave your body hair. Bottom line; if you don’t want the hair tested, make sure there isn’t any hair available for them to test.


How many washes do I need to do for Macujo Method to work?

The amount of times you need to perform Mikes Macujo Method to get your hair free from drugs depends on what kind of drugs you use and how frequently you use them. Information about how many washes you need to do is available so that you can make sure you have the best chance at passing your drug test.

Can hair tests detect a single time use?

Hair tests can’t tell a specific date of when you used drugs, just that you did use them within the last 90 days. The tests may be able to detect one-time use of certain drugs that are very potent and difficult to get out of your system if you used them in the past three months.


Can I be forced to take a hair drug test?

You cannot be forced to take a drug test without your consent. That said, typically you will be getting a drug test for a legal or employment reason and it could cause you to miss out on opportunities if you refuse to take the drug tests.


You can be in control of your situation and make sure you pass drug tests coming up no matter your drug use habits. Hair follicle tests are an accurate way from employers to track your habitual drug use, which is why this test is now the most commonly performed drug test.

Because drug testing has evolved over the years to become more accurate, some of the older methods and products thought to be effective previously are just not up with the times. These outdated methods and products will cause you to fail drug tests, so you need to make sure you’re using the current best options available to you. With the highest quality detoxifying hair shampoo Macujo Aloe Rid and using Mike’s Macujo method, you can be sure that you can permanently remove drugs from your hair to pass any drug test.