Supreme Klean Detoxifying Tea


If you are looking for an alternative to the more traditional detoxification drinks when it comes to how to beat a urine drug test, then this powerflush detox tea is the product for you! A fresh brewed taste made from 100% natural herbs, all of which are historically proven to leave your system toxin free and able to pass any urine drug test.

  • Formulated by the top minds in the detox industry and backed up by their years of experience.
  • Supreme Klean Detoxifying Tea has an overwhelming success rate, beyond 99%. A top choice for individuals who need to know how to beat a urine drug test.
  • Only contains all natural herbs of the highest and cleanest quality.
  • Great choice for the light to moderate user of toxins.
  • There is no cleansing tea on the market that can provide the experience, quality, and 99% plus promise that you can pass any urine drug test!
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