Don’t Get Caught Off Guard: Everything You Need to Know About Drug Tests

Being clean for a few weeks won’t save you from a hair drug test. Every half-inch of hair is worth at least 30-days of drug history. Hair also happens to be a permanent record, unless there’s intervention.

If you’ve grown your hair for five years, hair drug tests will accurately determine your drug history for that period. Not only will the tests show what drugs you’ve used, but they’ll also show the frequency. By contrast, saliva tests are practically useless after 72 hours.

Therefore, of all the types of drug tests out there, hair tests should raise the most concern.

In this article, we’ll look at how different drug testing methods work. However, the article will only delve deep into hair drug testing. By the end of the article, you’ll know how to pass a hair drug test.

Let’s dive right in: What are the different types of drug tests?

Types of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Four types of drug tests are popular for employee drug testing:

  • Urine tests
  • Blood tests
  • Saliva tests
  • Hair drug tests

Let’s look at how the different drug testing methods work:

Urine Tests

Urine testing is the most popular drug testing method in the American workplace today. Of the employer’s who test their employees, 95% perform urine tests. So, how do they work?

Urinalysis (urine testing) detects metabolites (broken down chemicals), not the parent drugs. When the body breaks down drugs, their metabolites get expelled via urine. Metabolites remain in the bloodstream long after use.

Metabolites in the blood will always show up in urine. To illustrate, consider the effects of smoking a joint. THC-COOH is marijuana’s chief metabolite. Two weeks after smoking a joint, THC-COOH is detectable in urine.

Permanent detoxification is the most effective way of ridding the body of all metabolites.

Blood Tests

This is the most accurate drug testing method. These tests detect parent drugs and not their metabolites. Blood tests have two main shortcomings:

  • Expense
  • Span of detection

These tests are very expensive. Most parent drugs are expelled from the bloodstream within hours. Consider the example we discussed earlier.

Even though marijuana metabolites remain in the bloodstream for up to two weeks, the parent drug (marijuana) is undetectable in the bloodstream after 24-hours.

Saliva Tests

Saliva tests (swabs) detect the presence of parent drugs. All types of drug tests that test for parent drugs have very small detection spans. With swabs, detection is only possible in the first few hours of drug use.

Even within a few hours of use, drugs like marijuana and nicotine only enter saliva in hard-to-trace amounts. However, what swabs lose in efficiency, they make up for in cost. They are cheaper than blood tests.

Hair Drug Tests

These types of drug tests are the hardest to beat. The question then becomes, “How on earth do drugs get into hair?” I’ll explain.

Drugs are first broken down into their relevant metabolites. Blood then transports the metabolites around the body. When the blood reaches the follicles, the metabolites diffuse into growing hair.

That’s to say the metabolite integrates into the hair’s chemical structure. That’s also why the many home remedies to pass a hair drug test you’ve heard of won’t work effectively on their own. Removing metabolites from within the hair’s chemical structure is a complex chemical process.

In fact, on their own, home remedies only rid the hair of secondary contamination. That’s to say they do almost nothing to the metabolites in the hair.

Before a hair drug test, you’ll receive special shampoos to wash away secondary contamination. Secondary contamination is the chief cause of false positives.

So, is there a sure way of passing hair drug tests? YES!

Read on.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

One study found that over 11.4% of workers smoked marijuana in the past month. That’s probably because marijuana is legal in many states. However, it’s important to pass all drug tests, no matter their legality. 

That said, do you want your boss to know that you indulge every so often? Probably not. That’s why it’s in your best interests to pass all drug tests.

Hair drug tests also determine patterns of drug use. Again, do you want your boss to know how frequently you indulge? Then you best learn how to pass a hair drug test.

Hair Drug Tests: What You Need to Know

The Macujo method is the most popular method of passing a drug test with good reason. Complemented with the right products, hair drug tests will have nothing on you. However, the Macujo method is slow.

You need a five-day head-start to beat the test. So what happens if you don’t have the five days? The answer is Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Hair Follicle Shampoo.

This shampoo will keep your hair toxin free for 24-hours. If the test is too abrupt, the Zydot Ultra Clean Hair Purifying Shampoo will do the trick. This shampoo kicks in after 10 minutes and keeps the hair free of toxins for up to 5 hours. 

In the case of amphetamines and cocaine, use the Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo. These drug types are tough to get rid of and need an equally tough shampoo.

Quick Recap

Hair drug tests are the toughest drug tests to beat. That said, it’s possible to beat all types of drug tests. The shampoos listed above will help you pass every drug test.

These shampoos are tough enough to rid the hair of all toxins but soft enough to be in your daily regiment.

Avoid products that harm your hair in the process. Not only will damaged hair raise suspicions, but it’s also damaged hair. Who wants perpetual bad hair days after every hair drug test?

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