At-Home Hair Drug Test Kit

At-Home Hair Drug Test Kit

Supreme Klean
  • Very simple to use in home hair collection for a hair follicle drug test
  • Hair follicle drug tests provide the most effective, accurate, and extensive information about prior drug use
  • Works by analyzing the trace amounts of drug metabolites that are stored within a toxin users hair follicles
  • Detects the use of toxins in hair follicles for a 90 day period of time

If you are seeking an accurate drug test to detect extended periods of drug use, our Home Hair Drug Test Kit is an excellent choice. With this kit, you can get totally accurate results in as little as 24-48 hours, all in the comfort of your own home.


Screening hair for drugs at home

One of the most effective means of detecting presence of drugs is by testing the hair follicles. It is a preferred method used by organizations and officials. If you need to test your teenager or a loved one or an employee for the presence of drugs, you can use our Hair confirm home hair test kit in the privacy of your own house, as it is a simple and effective kit for detecting presence of drugs, offering a fast and accurate solution.

Assuring Anonymity

Hair Confirm test kit comes with instructions that are easy to follow and has a collection kit, with the results being available within 48 hours. The product comes with your unique specimen identity number and you can be assured of complete anonymity with a passcode to access the results. The kit tests for several illicit drugs, such as Marijuana, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, PCP and Opiates among others. Just using a small sample of hair that is cut at the scalp helps evaluate the drug metabolites that have been embedded in the shaft of the hair. You must then send the sample to our lab for analysis. It is screened and samples that are tested positive are confirmed with the GC/MS technology, all results being reviewed by a professional Medical Officer.

Why you should choose this hair drug test kit.
  • Collection of hair samples is very easy.
  • The procedure can be done in a completely private and confidential manner.
  • Details drugs are found to be listed in case of positive results
  • The results are fast as well as accurate.
  • The procedure has been found to be cheat proof.
  • The results can be obtained online in a fool proof and secure manner.
  • The laboratory is an accredited one by CLIA.
  • You can get the results within a short span of time, between 24 to 48 hours.
  • A GC/MS (Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry) confirmation is done, where the confirmation test checks out the levels of the compounds or chemicals that are normally present in your hair, in cases where the test comes out positive.

  1. Cut a long and thin hair strip (about 90 strands) as close to your scalp as possible from any part of the head.
  2. Place the roots at the collection foil edge and crimp up the end of the tab over the root ends.
  3. Fold the foil lengthwise and place in the specimen pouch.
  4. Mail the sample after initialing and dating the sample.
  5. Register yourself in the website in order to check out the result with your specimen identity number.